As if you have a choice?




I can’t tell if sarcasm but if it isn’t…

Wow! I spotted the “tumblr-user who ignores the point and calls people names to try and support a moot point!”

… Oh no, I’ve been spotted!

you dont need “time to get used to” the fact your friend is gay

you’d need time to get used to something thats terrible or weird or shocking

but guess what friend!!! gay people exist and are quite common!!! someone being gay isnt terrible or weird or shocking so why would you “need time” to get used to them?

why would who they want to fuck affect you so much. theyre not a completely different person now that they told you theyre gay

gonna jump in and disagree. despite the inroads we’ve made internationally, there are still people (&places) being raised/taught that heterosexuality is the only thing that exists. hell, there are lgbtq people still discovering right now that this isn’t true. so not as common as it should be. people shouldn’t be shocked, but if you don’t know about it all…imo rather than being a real reflection of op, it’s a sobering thought that while we’ve made progress there’s always more work to do, more awareness to be spread.

it’s the follow up that matters.



People who use definition technicalities and generalizations to excuse really fucking gross behavior that is illegal (in many countries) are one of the worst kinds of people.

Stop defending this guy.

Not once have I seen anyone defend him. I’ve only seen people who are saying that he’s not a pedophile (by definition). He may be some greasy, creepy fucker, but he’s not a pedophile.

uh pretty much all the posts before and after the one you’re responding to are defending him in some way. in fact the tide seems pretty majorly on side

maybe you should have scrolled a bit more